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Best Puzzle Games for Android and iOS to Train your Brain

Puzzle Games for Android

What if you could train your mind while playing a game? Brain exercise is a good way to train your mind. We generally play games to have fun, and if we could train our brain while playing, then we shouldn’t let that opportunity slip from our hand. Here are some puzzle games to challenge you to think out of the box.

All these games are for Android and iOS so that you can download them play while commuting or while waiting for someone.

Best Puzzle Games for Android and iOS

1. Brain Dots

Brain Dots

The first app to make you think out of the box is Brain Dots. This game is a physics-based game which is both funny and addictive. So, in this game, your main task is to bump the two dots by drawing lines, and shapes. Sounds fun right? It is fun no doubt in that it also forces you to think hard. You can use many tools like pencil, crayons, and colors to create your shape, line or whatever.

It has a lot of steps and levels, ranging from easy to super hard that you can play. And if you feel you are becoming an expert, you can create your own level and challenge others to complete.

Download Brain Dots

2. Dissembler

Dissembler is a simple and colorful puzzle app which is both relaxing and mind crunching game. In its core, it is a simple puzzle app where you have to swap colors of tile to match three tiles of the same color. Check this game trailer to know what I am saying.

It starts off very easy, but with every passing level, you realize that this game challenges you to think. It has hundreds of levels, and each level challenges you more than the last level.

Download Dissembler

3. Sudoku


Sudoku is one of the most recognized mind training game for the past few decades. This game is also very addictive among the players. Playing sudoku is like Playing Chess because your every move affects the whole board.

A sudoku game is where you have a 3 x 3 box and every of that of has 3 x 3 inside it. Your goal is to fill each small 3×3 box with a unique number that also has to be unique inside the bigger 3×3 box. It is a little hard to explain, and it is not that hard to play. You need to play one or two to understand how this game work.

Play Sudoku

4. Lumosity


Lumosity, in my opinion, is the best mind training app which challenges a different aspect of your mind with daily games. This game is your daily workout for your brain. You can register for a free account and play daily three games. All the games are designed to put your brain in a test. You will soon realize that your brain is a complex machine with different parts designed for different tasks.

Lumosity is free if you are to only play three games daily, but if you want to challenge your brain more by playing more games, then you have to choose from its subscription plans.

Download Lumosity

5. Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a puzzle game that has own many awards for its awesome art, sound effect, and brain-crunching puzzle. In this game, you will be playing as a princess, and you must help her find the way out of the structure. You will face the structure that you need to manipulate to create a path for the princess to move. This game will force you to think out of the box and also will put your presence of mind to the test.

Download Monument Valley

These are some of the best puzzle games for Android and iOS that will put your brain to the test. You can download all these games from their official stores and play on both Android and iOS. So, do you like to play puzzle games? Let’s discuss what is your favorite puzzle game and what you like about the game.

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