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The Game of Thrones Board Game get Its Third Edition

GoT Board Game

If you must be living under the rock if you never heard about Game of Thrones, it is considered as the most popular TV series in decades. This show is going on from 2012, and it has already crossed seven seasons. The eighth and final series is scheduled to be aired from April this year. If are a Game of Thrones fan then I assume you know about the board game based on the book and series — the game conveniently named as Game of Thrones Board Game. The developers have now released the third edition of the game ahead of its final season which is beginning from April this year. The third season of the game is named Mother of Dragons. If you know anything about GoT, then you know the final series is going to be all about dragons and the Mother of Dragons.

In this article let’s see what those changes are.

Let’s break down all the changes and new additions to the third edition of Game of Thrones Board Game Mother of Dragons. For those who are new to this game, let’s first see what this game is all about.

What is Game of Thrones Board Game

Game of Thrones Board Game is a military strategy game where you take the role of one of several houses. You can choose from great houses like House Stark, House Baratheon, House Tyrell, House Lannister, and House Martell. Your job is to maneuver armies to secure regions which are more likely to be attacked and defeat the enemies. Doing so, you will also engage in diplomacy to gather as much support as you can to claim the ‘Iron Throne.’

Source- Wikipedia

GoT Board Game Mother of Dragons

What is New to the Third Edition of GoT Board Game

New Houses

In the previous edition of the game, there were six houses, and you had to choose one of them. But in this new edition, there are eight houses now for you to decide. The new additions are Houses Targaryen and House Arryn.

New Map

With the addition of two new houses, now there are also changes in the map. House Arryn occupies land surrounding sea lane and also few parts of the Vale. House Targaryen takes the map to another level. House Targaryen starts from Essos which means a new board in itself. House Targaryen starts from Essos and moves ahead to the seven kingdoms.


Dragons are most probably the most exciting part of the ‘Mother of Dragons’ update. In the beginning, you have three dragons which are small and weak to cause any trouble. But with every turn then grow, and after a couple of turns, they are grown up enough to cause havoc.

Iron Bank

Introduction of Essos and Bravos for Targaryen mean Iron Bank. Iron Bank in this game work more like a market place where you can buy powers. It has many powers like killing an army at one shot or creating a castle that is hard to penetrate. The Iron Bank is not without caveat though. You not only need to pay for the power-ups but you also need to pay interest on every purchase for the rest of the game.

The new game is surely eye-catching, and if you have already played the last edition, you will love this new edition. I am mostly excited because of the introduction of the new houses especially House Targaryen and the dragons of course.