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Best Gaming Subreddits to Follow for a Gamer

Reddit is a community platform which has communities for every topic you can imagine. Millions of people from around the world visit Reddit to follow their favorite topic and discuss around it. You can follow community or subreddit as the redditors like to call it. You can follow all sorts of Reddit subreddits to get information, share your thoughts, discuss with other like-minded people, discover new things, meet new people and a lot more. If you are not on Reddit then what are you doing, create a profile now and follow subreddits and trust me you will be hooked to this platform very badly. As this blog is about gaming, let’s discuss some popular gaming Subreddits on Reddit which you can follow to discover and discuss all sort of things gaming. Are you ready for this?

I am sure you are.

Best Gaming Subreddits on Reddit to Follow


Subscriber- 21, 388, 817 (At the time of writing this article)

/r/Gaming is the biggest gaming subreddit on Reddit with almost 21.4 million subscribers at the time of writing this article. It is not just the biggest gaming Subreddit; it is also one of the largest Subreddit in general on Reddit. When this huge number of people following something you know it is good.

On /r/Gaming you can find all sorts of gaming news, gaming information, latest games, bug fixes, Q&A, images, videos, memes and many many more. /r/Gaming is not just about video games if that what you thought; it is actually for any game that is out there. You can threads on video games, board games, card games and more. But it is also true that video games mostly dominate the platform.

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Subscriber- 458, 644 (At the time of writing this article)

/r/TrueGaming is like /r/Gaming/ but with a high standard of moderation. /r/Gaming/ is massive subreddit but sometimes you see some posts that not helpful in any way due to its poor moderation. /r/TrueGaming is for that same reason. You will find all kind of posts that you see on /r/Gaming minus those spam or meaningless posts. The moderation team of /r/TrueGaming is very dedicated to keeping the subreddit clean and on point for anyone looking for valuable information.

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Subscriber- 29, 593 (At the time of writing this article)

The gaming industry is now seeing a huge surge of indie games in the past few years. There are now more and more independent gaming developers coming on board to publish some outstanding games like Dead Cells, Minecraft, Celeste to name a few. Unfortunately, indie games don’t get the attention and coverage on mainstream gaming portals that they deserve. There are also very few communities online where you can ask and get answers on those indie games. /r/IndieGames is the perfect place for all things indie games. If you play or follow Indie Games then following and subscribing to /r/IndieGames is a no brainer.

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Subscriber- 1, 396, 032 (At the time of writing this article)

Playing heavy games require high-end specification and one of the best way to play games is on PC. If you are someone with a high-end gaming rig or planning to build one specifically for gaming, then /r/buildaPC is the best subreddit for you to follow. You will find guides and tutorial to choose hardware for your new gaming rig; you can ask questions or get suggestions on what hardware to use and more.

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Subscriber- 234, 919 (At the time of writing this article)

The last but definitely not the least gaming subreddit to follow is /r/GamerNews. If you play a lot of latest games and always in hook for the latest news from the gaming industry around the world, then you will find this subreddit useful. You will find all kind of information on this subreddit from the news, to release dates, trailer, game leaks and many many more.

Subreddit Link

There you go- best subreddits to follow for a gamer. Do join these subreddits if you are a gamer and you will find many useful informations all at one place.